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Engineering Director-Cogeneration


As the nation's oldest public University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a rich tradition of education excellence, cutting-edge research and distinguished public service. This sense of great accomplishment extends to our workplace where employees benefit from a supportive collegial environment, advancement opportunities and the pride we will take in what we do.

The Energy Services Department is responsible for steam cogeneration, chilled water, electric distribution system utilities, water, wastewater and stormwater systems throughout campus. To that end we are seeking an energetic professional to join the Energy Services Department, as Cogeneration Systems Manager.


The primary purpose of this position is to manage the operations, maintenance, fuel purchases, environmental compliance and the growth of Cogeneration Systems to meet the needs of the University in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly manner. This is achieved by establishing both short term and long term goals for Cogeneration Systems and managing it in a fiscally responsible manner. This position provides motivation, direction and supervision to 75+ employees and direct reports. The direct reports are a multi-disciplinary group of persons who, in turn, are responsible for plant & steam system engineering, plant operations, campus steam system operations & maintenance, power plant mechanical maintenance, instrumentation and control, warehouse operations and purchasing as well as the administrative offices.


Long term goals are established by this position in concert with staff engineers and design consultants to determine the needs of Cogeneration Systems to meet the long term objectives of the University. Master utility studies establish the infrastructure needs and identify the required projects. The position works with staff engineers, members of Energy Services and other groups within the University to justify the projects, determine the fiscal needs for the projects, participate in the design process thereof, establish implementation schedules and provide oversight during the construction. An area that is becoming increasingly more important is meeting the environmental compliance requirements coming about by more stringent regulations. This position is responsible for monitoring of and meeting the requirements of the changing environmental regulatory climate.

Short term goals are established by this position to insure continued safe and reliable supply of steam and generated electricity to the campus and the UNC Hospitals. This position develops the yearly budget to insure that funds are available for the purpose of fuels, effective and proactive maintenance, continued training of staff to meet the P&I requirements and ensure that environmental compliance is met while at the same time minimizing the impact on the rates charged to the customers. This position establishes operational and maintenance standards.


This position requires good communication skills, organizational and personnel management skills and requires a good working knowledge of power plant systems, environmental regulations, steam distribution systems and related engineering principles.


To apply, see our website: http://www.jobs.unc.edu/ to complete an online application. Please reference Position #0021810 and Department #8130 when applying. EOE.

Chapel Hill, NC

Degree Required: Yes

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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